Accelerating Time-To-Science - NVIDIA Gpus In Higher Education And Research (Workshop - Professional Development) #12547

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The computational power available to students and researchers today is unprecedented. With NVIDIA GPU accelerators, yesterday’s supercomputer have shrunken down to a single workstation. Most of the GPU activity on campus was traditionally found in engineering and computer science programs. But AI and data science have since permeated all disciplines on campus, bringing GPUs alongside them.

This workshop is intended to expose you to GPUs in the higher education space. You’ll learn how researchers are using GPUs to accelerate data science, AI, and traditional simulation. We’ll discuss some of the computational advantages of GPUs, and how you might begin using one to accelerate your own work. No prerequisite knowledge on GPUs is required to benefit from this session.

Course Details

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
From 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Amy Latessa
This session will be presented virtually
Presenter, Kristopher Keipert is a Solutions Architect at NVIDIA, focused on technical engagements in Higher Education and Research.  Prior to NVIDIA, Kristopher was a computational scientist at Argonne National Laboratory where he worked on development of the NWChemEx computational chemistry program.  Kristopher earned his PhD in physical chemistry from Iowa State University.